Now the autumn is starting.

We start by enjoying the mountains of Edsåsdalen and Nordic Soundscapes,
welcome to the course and concert this weekend!

7-9 of September workshop Nordic Soundscapes, Åre
8 of September concert Nordic Soundscapes, Åre
9-10 of November Folkelarm, Oslo
11 of November Kristinehamns Church
21 of November Örnsköldsviks folkmusikförening
24 of November Pitefolk, with Ulrika Bodén.
We will update this tour plan, there are some more concerts planned, so keep an eye on it.

Summer concerts!

Here comes the summer’s tour plan.

June 9, Ransäterstämman
June 14 Långrådna Kultur & Gästgiveri
15-17 June Degebergastämman
July 7 Sounds of the North, Gdansk
July 18 Sundsvall Chamber Music Festival
21 July AER with Ulrika Bodén, Stödestämman
August 17, AER with Ulrika Bodén, Vantörs Church, Stockholm
August 18, AER with Ulrika Bodén, Lasses Kvarter, Västerås

Till dans/For dancing

Now the new CD has arrived, welcome on release April 6-7 in Norrköping. The actual release of the CD takes place on Friday and you can listen and dance. The record contains tunes from our dance repertoire, both new and old.
Hope to see you!

Order the record from Bengans
Info about the record

Release tour ”Till dans”
6 april Linköpings Folkmusikfestival, Norrköping
7 april Folk- & Världsmusikgalan, Norrköping
12 april Västanå Välkomnar, Sunne
13 april Folkmusikkaféet Allégården, Göteborg
14 april Felan, Örebro
20 april FaluFolk, Falun
21 april Värstaborg, Sundsvall
3 maj Gävle konserthus
4 maj Bollnäs kulturhus
5 maj Kafé Station, Umeå
11-13 maj Baltimore Fiddle Fair, Irland
14 maj Crescent Art Centre, Belfast, Irland
9 juni Ransätersstämman
15-17 juni Degebergastämman

Spring 2018

Now we have come out of the studio and it feels very good!
The name of the album will be “For Dancing” and it will be released in April.
During the spring we will also visit Ireland for the Baltimore Fiddle Fair, play a school tour in Västernorrland, Kallstämman in Järvsö,  make a release tour with the new CD and some other pleasures.
Hope to see you!

1 February Senioruniversitetet, Sundsvall
10 March workshop & consert, Kallstämman, Järvsö
19-23 March school tour Scenkonst Musik Västernorrland
6 April Linköpings Folkmusikfestival, Norrköping
7 April Folk- & Världsmusikgalan, Norrköping
12 April Västanå Välkomnar, Sunne
13 April Folkmusikkaféet Allégården, Göteborg
14 April Felan – föreningen för folkmusik och dans i Örebro
20 April FaluFolk, Falun
21 April Värstaborg, Sundsvall
3 May Gävle konserthus
4 May Bollnäs kulturhus
5 May Kafé Station, Umeå
11-13 May Baltimore Fiddle Fair, Irland
14 May Crescent Art Centre, Belfast, Irland
9 June Ransätersstämman, Ransäter

Concerts this autumn

The tourplan will take us to Norway, Denmark and Japan.
And Sweden of course, hope to see you somewhere!







27 augusti GA-kyrkan, Sundsvall
15 september Birka folkhögskola, Östersund (student workshop)
15 september Klubb Sam/Stocke Titt, Frösön
16 september Torsåkers kyrka, Kramfors
29 september Solheims Pensjonat, Røros
30 september Lesja Kulturhus, Lesja
1 oktober Villa Åmot, Førde
2 oktober Columbi Egg, Bergen
3 oktober Tre Brør Bar, Voss
4 oktober Årestoga, Raulandsakademiet
5 oktober Ingesund Musikhögskola, Arvika
6 oktober Ingesund Musikhögskola, Arvika (student workshop)
11 oktober Kulturhuset Björnen, Åstorp
12 oktober Perstorps Kyrka
13 oktober Thorøhuse Forsamlingshus, Fyn
14 oktober Stallet, Stockholm
18 – 23 oktober Japanturné
8 november with Ulrika Bodén, Västerås Konserthus
11 november, Malmö Folk
2 december with Ulrika Bodén, Piteå Folkmusikfestival

Summer concerts 2017

Now the summer starts soon and here’s our tour plan!
This year, it will be a bit calmer than usual, but we will take it back in the autumn when we will be touring in Scandinavia and Japan.
We have also started working on our next record, the fourth in the order. The record will be released in spring 2018 and have the theme of dance music.

3 juni Rimbostämman.
10 juni with Ulrika Bodén, Ransäterstämman.
1 juli with Ulrika Bodén, Haapavesi Folk Music Festival.
13 juli Selångers kyrkoruin, Sundsvall.
30 juli Skönsmons kyrka, Sundsvall.
4 aug with Ulrika Bodén, Urkult, Näsåker.
27 aug ”I välsignan och fröjd”, GA-kyrkan, Sundsvall.

Manifest Prize!

Manifest Prize 2017 in the category of folk went to Ulrika Boden Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall, Petter Berndalen and Daniel Fredriksson: “Te Berga blå”. Have a look at the fantastic prize where we are portrayed as pugs, made by Ellen Ekman and Anna Lidberg.

Spring concerts!

Here comes spring concerts, some more will be announced soon here.
Some of the highlights are Celtic Connections, Jokkmokk winter market, a visit to Germany and our cooperation with Ulrika Bodén, now nominated for the Manifest prize.

20 Jan Celtic Connections, Glasgow
3 Febr Jokkmokk hembygdsgård
11 Febr with Ulrika Bodén, Midvinterton, Olofström
16 Febr Riksscenen, Oslo
17 Febr Folkmusikens hus, Rättvik
18 Febr Grand, Uppsala
25 Febr with Ulrika Bodén, Umefolk, Umeå
11 March Valshuset, Växjö
13 March Musikhögskolan, Malmö concert and workshop for the students
16 March Bollerups kyrka, Tomelilla
17 March Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg
19 March Café Ölme, Kristinehamn
8 March with Ulrika Bodén, Victoriateatern, Malmö
28 April Heidbarghof, Hamburg, Germany
29 April Kulturzentrum BÜZ, Minden, Germany


Have you seen that we are now on Spotify? There you can listen to our first two albums as well as some samples from the third.
But do not forget that for a small genre as folk music it is important that people are willing to pay for the music.
Otherwise, considering how few recording releases there are nowadays and with the small economic margins, we run the risk of not having any folk music publishing at all otherwise.
Enjoy the listening!


Now it’s autumn again, and soon it’s a year since we released our third album “AER”. It’s been a great year with many fun gigs and experiences.
This autumn we are looking forward to play at
Oktoberstämman in Uppsala, one of autumn’s major folk events. We will also make a small tour in Västerbotten.
Hope to see you!


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