Summer concerts 2017

Now the summer starts soon and here’s our tour plan!
This year, it will be a bit calmer than usual, but we will take it back in the autumn when we will be touring in Scandinavia and Japan.
We have also started working on our next record, the fourth in the order. The record will be released in spring 2018 and have the theme of dance music.

3 juni Rimbostämman.
10 juni with Ulrika Bodén, Ransäterstämman.
1 juli with Ulrika Bodén, Haapavesi Folk Music Festival.
13 juli Selångers kyrkoruin, Sundsvall.
30 juli Skönsmons kyrka, Sundsvall.
4 aug with Ulrika Bodén, Urkult, Näsåker.
27 aug ”I välsignan och fröjd”, GA-kyrkan, Sundsvall.

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